Programme System


A TIAS-CDL student is required to plan his/her study so as to devote the time as required for each course. Each Course in PGDM is of 4 credits. The breakdown of 120 hrs, of study required for 4 credit course, is as under:
Course Name Time Period
Personal Contact programme (PCP)   12 hrs.
Private study (including e-learning mode) 60 hrs.
Assignments (3 Nos.) 48 hrs.
Evaluation System
Assignments   25%
PCP, attendance and Interaction 10%
Term End Examination conducted at the end of each Semester 65%
Papers are set by internal & external examiners and evaluated centrally. Each question paper will be set by two examiners, that is, two sets of question papers for each course. The results are moderated by the moderation committee
Grading System
The Grading System, being followed for each course of 100 marks, is as under: Grade
Marks Grade
90 Marks and above  A
80 Marks and above but below 90  A-
70 Marks and above but below 80 B
60 Marks and above but below 70  B-
50 Marks and above but below 60 C
Below 50 Marks  D
Grade D indicates not qualified.

Admission Enquiry
Admission Enquiry