09th August 2012 Ullaas - 2012 Ullaas 2012 cum Farewell Click here
07th August 2012 Indoor Games - 2012 Students of different courses to come together & create a team spirit & spirit of brotherhood Click here
06th July 2012 Guest Lecture Social Entrepreneurship with Profit Click here
30th June 2012 Parent Teacher Meeting Make a lasting bond with the parent to increase the likelihood of academic success for their child Click here
07th June 2012 Case Study Presentation Management & IT Concepts Click here
11th May 2012 Quiz Competition Management & IT Concepts Click here
07th May 2012 Creative Competition Art of Creativity Click here
26th April 2012 IT Guest Lecture Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence Click here
23rd December 2011 Christmas Day / New Year Celebration Christmas / New Year Party Click here
23th April 2011 Cultural Fest Ullaas 2011 Cum ALUMNI MEET Click here
13th January 2011 Lohri Celebrations Lohri Celebrations 2011 Click here
21th March 2011 Industrial Visit Industrial Visit To Nsic,Okhla Click here
17th March 2011 Trip Trip To Kullu Manali And Manikaran-2011 Click here
26-27th Nov. 2010 Sports Day Cricket Tournament 2010 Click here
30th Oct.2010 National Conference Conference & Semianrs Click here
28th October, 2010. Creative Competition Creative Competition-creativity at its best Click here
Oct.2010 Deepawali Utsav-2010 Deepawali Utsav-2010 Click here
4th Sept. 2010 Teacher’Day & Founder’S Day Teacher’s Day & Founder’s Day Click here
31st August 2010 Induction Programme 2010 Induction Programme 2010 Click here
20th April 2010 Cultural Fest Ullas, 2010 Click here
13th January 2010 Lohri Celebrations Lohri Celebrations 2010 Click here
15th and 16th Dec, 2009 Sports Day Sports Day Click here
17th October 2009 Trip Trip to SHIMLA Click here
30th September 2009 Competition Creative Competition 2009 Click here
07th September 2009 Induction Programme 2009 Induction Programme 2009 Click here
6th March 2009 Cultural Fest Ullaas 2009 Click here
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