Management has been a favorite among students as it can guarantee a successful career and a well-paying job. Time is changing and so are the needs and demands. The internet has become a knowledge giant and also a wizard, which has an answer to everything. New Age India is technologically savvy now and wants everything at the click of a button. With these demands, distance and online education has also boomed and course like PGDM have been introduced.

The advantages of doing a course like PGDM are plenty as compared to any university management degree. Post Graduate Diploma in Management is a which will train candidates into bright business professionals. They are trained in Business Economics, Market Structure, Investment, Retailing, Entrepreneurship etc. These PGDM courses develop trend-setting educational programmes and processes which are also in line with industry demands.

The PGDM  curriculum is revised annually to keep pace with industrial demands, teachers act as pro-active mentors and climate of learning blossoms with intellectual stimulation. In a PGDM course, students get vast exposure to the real world of business through live projects, industry internship, case studies, and interactions with business leaders.

A PGDM student carries an upper edge due to the exposure and experience he has gained during his studies.

5 Reasons to do a PGDM Course

Are you unsure about your career after graduation? You will come across a number of options, opportunities and suggestions. One of the most lucrative career options is PGDM. (Post Graduate Diploma in Management) It is not only rewarding, but also well aligned with the current industry trends.

Mentioned below are  5 reasons that will give you an insight about the benefits of doing PGDM course from TIAS-CDL

  • Industry-Integrated syllabus

The syllabus of PGDM is closely related to industry practices and trends & the curriculum is updated frequently as per the changing business trends. The students learn the new and ongoing concepts of entrepreneurship.

  • Interpersonal growth

A PGDM course enhances the Communication and Interpersonal skills of the students. The Indian education system does not focus more on communication skills right through school life. We are a country of many; children are not encouraged to be opinionated. We are hard-wired like that; parents and teachers focus more on grades. However, a PGDM program from TIAS-CDL develops decision making skills and analytical thinking in every student.

  • Corporate ready

Our PGDM program prepares the students for the forthcoming challenges and roadblocks in the business world. The professors are mostly industry leaders or entrepreneurs. The  Summer Training  program and the Project Dissertation enable the students to gauge the present business scenario. They can translate the theoretical concepts to reality once they start their journey in the corporate world.

  • Placement opportunities

An AICTE approved PGDM course  like ours, will pave the way for umpteen placement opportunities for the students. The employers always prefer students with some wacky and out of the box ideas, who can perceive roadblocks as challenges and opportunities. For the recruiters, a management degree is just an entry pass to appear for an interview. To get a well-paid job and sustain in it, one is expected to be a performer. A PGDM prepares the students to develop a go-getter attitude.

  • Be your own boss

A start-up is the dream of many young management graduates in the country. PGDM course surely helps to make it possible. Once a student has an esteemed degree and is well aware of the nuances of the corporate culture, it is not very difficult to kick start a business. All those who wish to have creative freedom and make profits for themselves, a management degree can be the first step.

What is the Right Age to Begin a PGDM Program?

A PGDM program is basically for those people who want to achieve a leadership position in the corporate world. Students with a Post Graduate Diploma in Management often work at executive positions in the beginning of their career and reach the top level management after a few years of experience. If you aspire to reach a higher position in a company or want to work overseas, PGDM course is the right career choice for you.

What is the right time to enroll in a PGDM college?

The most appropriate age to enroll in a  PGDM is between 21-25 years. The students can opt for a PGDM right after their graduation or after 1-3 years of experience in the corporate.

However, it is advisable to begin your PGDM program at an early age so that you can kick-start your corporate career at a decent package. Another key point, an early start can give you many good placement opportunities. This is because most of the top companies consider age as an important criterion while recruiting candidates without any experience. The students in the age group of 22-27 are usually considered. Hence, it is good to begin your PGDM course at the age of 21 i.e. as soon as you are a graduate.

Those graduates who have worked in the corporate for some time and want to pursue an Open and Distance Learning course should start before the age of 25. This gives them an edge over others because they have experience along with a degree.

What should I do to get admission into a PGDM college?

Students have a number of queries and doubts about enrolling in a PGDM course. But, it is not so complicated. Let’s look at a few points, which will make things simpler for you.

** Try to secure 50% marks in 10th, 12th and throughout all the semesters of your graduation.

**PGDM is not math intensive. Thus, there is no problem if you have not studied mathematics at school or college level.

**You need to be good at Aptitude, Logic and General Knowledge. Start working on it since the final year of your graduation.

**Communication is one the most essential factors to get admission in a PGDM course. You need to have very good communication and presentation skills.

**Decide on the PGDM specialization before you take admission.

TIAS-CDL offers 5 programs under the ambit of PGDM which are as follows:

  1. PGDIM     : Post Graduate Diploma in Management.
  2. PGDFM    : Post Graduate Diploma in Finance Management.
  3. PGDMM   : Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management.
  4. PGDOM   : Post Graduate Diploma in Operations Management.
  5. PGDHRM : Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management.

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Admission Enquiry