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Education Sector is witnessing various changes with increasing demand of working professionals having in-adequate PG Degrees. These professionals are thus finding hard to cope up with the demand. Choosing to have a Post Graduate Diploma while earning is a feasible option for working professionals of all age groups.

TIAS-CDL was established with an objective of Improvement of Skills, Acquisition of Professional Qualifications, Continuing Education and Professional Development at Work Place, Self-Enrichment, Diversification of Knowledge, etc. The Self Learning Study Material prepared by the competent Academia/Industrialists makes the programme more valuable to the Students/Working Executives. Students of TIAS-CDL programmes are equipped with essential Intellectual Skills, Core Concepts and their Practical Applications in their chosen fields, Sensitivity to Ethical Issues, Human Values and Sustainable Development of the Global Society. They not only possess requisite Skills for Managing a Business, but are also endowed with Soft-Skills in Communication, Etiquette, Aptitude, Teamwork and Leadership.

We Welcome you to this Institute and have an experience of Vibrant Culture of TIAS(CDL)


With Best Wishes




Dr. R.K. Gupta- Chairman


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Admission Enquiry