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Quality Management Education is essentially gaining importance in a Developing Country like India, towards Progressive, Economic and Overall Development.

Most students cannot join Full Time Management programme for many reasons including Lack of Opportunity. Therefore, they are left behind in the race of self employment. The Distance and Open/e-learning mode is a great opportunity available to the students to get Quality Management Education to get back in the race towards self development.

Tecnia Institute of Advanced Studies- CDL is a step towards providing High Quality Management education by Distance and e-Learning mode (PGDM 3 years, in Five Programs namely: PGDIM, PGDFM,PGDOM,PGDHRM,PGDMM, equivalent to MBA and approved by joint committee of UGC- DEB- AICTE, Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India).

 We invite every eligible candidate to join this course. High quality of Education and Personality Development is assured!

Advisory Board CDL PGDM

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Admission Enquiry